Have fun through Facebook as you participate in the 2020 Citrus County Virtual Wellness Challenge

The 2020 Citrus County Virtual Wellness Challenge is supported by the following FaceBook pages:

Fun on Facebook

Citrus County Aware for Alzheimer’s on Facebook.
Coping with Dementia LLC on Facebook.
Citrus County Dementia Friendly America on Facebook.
Dementia Education Inc on Facebook.
Mr. Bill Fitness Facebook

We encourage all participants in the Virtual Wellness Challenge to create photos and videos (two minutes or less) of your activities and novel ideas about how to stay fit and keep your spirits up in this time of Covid-19.  Post them on your own Facebook pages and E-mail them to us to post on the pages listed above.  We may still be social distancing, but this does not mean we cannot be social and have fun.  Send your photos and videos to */